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Nade Aly: Color Work

Nade Aly is a photographer from Lahore, Pakistan whose work we’ve featured previously. The images in this series are all from the streets of Lahore. The project explores the idea of “home” and is part of Nade’s upcoming zine. These images blend inspiring content with beautiful composition, remniscent of Joel Meyerowitz’ color work.

The title is inspired from lyrics of an Indian song. It is undertaking series about city in Pakistan called Lahore. It is my attempt of mapping it with pictures and anything I encounter on streets with my camera and my homeless eyes behind view finder.

“From the very first day at school, the memory of running away from it and finding a way back to my home still exists. The very act of constant running evokes a feeling of displacement and belonging to an axis that is parallel to the one I exist in. This attempt, to walk into the city and map it with a camera is a continuous act of progression, a repeated exercise which is the result of my constant failure to witness and conceive in the digital format. Wandering in the city like an angry dog is a quest and a siege all at once. I seek the self and other at the same time. The city never sleeps with the intervals of hope and despair, it changes form and faces all along on the same ground. It is a home to my homeless eyes.”

To see more from Nade, check out https://www.instagram.com/nadealy.

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