Featured Photographers

Paula Marchesini

Paula Marchesini is a photographic artist originally from Argentina Republic, currently living in Buenos Aires. Paula’s work has a very surreal feeling and an emotional quality. When reviewing Paula’s work, we were all struck by the dreamlike theme of her images.

I’m dedicated to working with 35mm film , although I have also taken pictures with digital camera. I plan to continue working with analogue which is what I like. I think it lends some truth to the image which digital lacks. I would like to venture into pinhole photography, in fact I have already built the box and develop my own contact prints The major impetus for my work is basically life itself. Children, nature, animals, and all kinds of abandoned places or ruins.

I think I am trying to compose a world of dreams, my dreamlike and poetic place where everything is beautiful and so to escape reality into this small world. My images are often metaphorical and surreal . I could not specify one person as a source of inspiration for there are many and not just considering photography. In the world of photography among those who I might mention might be Sally Mann . But literature, film and music also influence me. If I had to describe my work in two words I think it would be: MOMENTS , and Immortality . Herman Hesse in Steppenwolf: ” Infinite and unique is the shortest time for us .”

To see more from Paula, check out Flickr, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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