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Mikhail A Khokhlov

Mikhail A Khokhlov contacted us to show off his impressive work from his series Nudes Defined – I & II- I & II.

The naked body without a face is not a nude; it is a projection of something everyone possesses. It is in the face, the stamp of genealogical difference, that sets a naked body apart. Without a face, the composition of a naked body is not a “nude;” it is something that is malleable, fluid, and easy on the eyes. It is what it is, a naked body. However once we introduce a face associated with the naked body, a sort of shock takes place.

With this series I aim to explore what makes a photograph, a “nude” photograph. More specifically – Is there a relation with how much is visible on a naked body in a photograph, what is showing on the naked body, and what sort of activities are being performed by one or a collection of naked bodies with how one perceives a “nude” photograph.

When we can identify with a naked body, put a face on the naked body, does a different response manifest?

In short I would like to test this conjecture – ”Without a face included in a composition, a photography of a naked body is not ‘nude’ photograph.”

To see more from Mikhail, check out his website.

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