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Stéphane C

Stéphane C contacted us to share his excellent black and white photography. His work spans many cities and is very refined.

Stéphane C. started to work on musical projects before swifting into personal artistic researchs at the age of 27.
From that time he keeps working on the same analogic photographic series, while he lived in different cities (Madrid, New York, Toulouse, Lyon, and mostly Paris), regularly travelling to keep shooting on a high rhythm, although he will select a very few pictures from his whole production.
He recently spent six months in Greece where he also initiated video projects and collaborations with musicians that led to the creation the free rock ambient band Oiseaux-Tempête.

Making himself his silver prints in the darkroom, he already exhibited or projected his works in several countries (France, USA, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Greece…) and was recently published in the Mono collective book announced as a collection of the most talented contemporary b&w photographers.

Stéphane C. ‘s research has no beginning and no end. He is engaged in the haunting gesture that is photography, which goal is to extract the veil of uncertainty from things and to dialogue with his own elusive understandings. As if the sum of appearances would show of the reality only a fragmented and vague vision. Forever vibrant, alive. An extreme attempt to feel and anticipate the issues of this world, and to match, from a photographic point of view, real life with its double. As if hoping to turn night into day.

To see more from Stéphane C, check out his website, Facebook, and oiseaux-tempete.com/

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