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Fábio Miguel Roque

Fábio contacted us to share some of his street photography from Portugal.

Stories, is a project of the called street photography, and unlike my other projects, is not based on the idea of a photographic narrative, is more an overview of situations than an actual story.
Basically, it is a tribute to the long tradition of street photography, not that I review one hundred percent, as a street photographer, but it is a style that gives me a certain pleasure and adrenaline and do not intend to stop doing so, masters of photography as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank or Eugène Atget, revolutionized the genre to what he is today, with more and more lovers and followers.
Therefore, as stated this project will flee photographic narrative, and meets the casual situations, found by chance, all of them independent of each other, each one stands on its own, and has its particular meaning.
On the other hand, this work is similar to my own path in photography, which contains pictures 2005 through 2012 which was carried out at places as Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux, Cologne, London, Lyon, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome or Venice.
This project is equivalent to a mini-portfolio of “Street Photography”, which had long headaches in editing the same face to the countless material that had.

To see more from Fábio, check out his Website.

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