Featured Photographers

Radu Lungu

Radu Lungu contacted us after seeing Irina‘s feature last week. Radu is a photographer from Romania who sent us a set from Bucharest. This entire set was shot in the course of one night and it gives an interesting look at the city quite different to the usual bright, sunny tourist photos of Bucharest.

The eight images selected were all shot on the same roll of Ektar 100, with an Olympus OM-4Ti over the course of a single night. I think they are representative of the extremely unusual aesthetics of Bucharest. Mind you, the locations are not some hole-in-the-wall oddities I hand-picked, but rather run of the mill bars, residential buildings and promenades I walk by every day on my way from my flat on Unirii Boulevard to Tineretului Park. In other words, these are the visual/environmental stimulae that we live with and that ultimately shape our aesthetic frame of reference, influence our moods and underscore our thought patterns. They are also some of the most immediately visible remains of a political and social system that we, the younger generation, would like to forget altogether, but that always seems to resurface in insidious and persistent ways all around us. We are its prisoners. It is certainly terrible and, like all terrible things, strangely beautiful.

To see more from Radu, check out his Tumblr.

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