Featured Photographers

Pablo Montllau

Pablo Montllau is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who contacted us to share his work and a pretty interesting story behind his photo submission. We really admire his dedication to film and are glad that people like Pablo keep the medium alive by any means necessary.

Last year i spent 3 months in Costa Rica working on a tv show production. I took 2 film cameras and a gopro hero with me, only. As i didn´t had any film at the moment and i also couldn´t spend too much money on that i decided to make my own with some expired Color Negative used for Cinema Cameras i had. (Kodak Vision 2 50D)
I also didin´t have any film loader so i just did it with my hands and the lights off to keep the film safe. Maybe i slightly scratched the film while trying to put it inside the canister with my fingers, so the results are really trashed!

To see more from Pablo, check out his Flickr.

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