Featured Photographers

Irina Munteanu

Irina Munteanu contacted us to show some of her work from Constanța, Romania. Irina’s work is very mature and cohesive and you would never know that she is just 18 years old.

I like the intimacy of a morning and the delicate light on bodies, the secrets and dreams floating in the room which I try to catch and define through my lens. I seek timeless moments and little touches and I transform them into photographs.

For me, the most important thing is to believe in what I create and to feel (it), every single detail of it .

I grab my model’s hand and we venture in a photographic disconnection.

I am also fascinated by the intimacy nature has to offer but often hides it and hopefully in the future I will explain it better through the whispers of my photographs.

To see more from Irina, check out her website.

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