Featured Photographers

Rachel Duffy

Rachel Duffy contacted us to share some of her portfolio. Rachel uses film and prefers the straight out of camera look that it has, rather than the heavily processed look that digital and Photoshop lend themselves to. This set is from San Francisco, California, where Rachel currently resides.

I only use film, usually slower speed
35mm. I use film because of it’s tangibility, because it teaches me to be patient (in waiting for the developing process), and because
it teaches me to be present, to pay attention to situations and lighting. Film users generally can’t afford to take hundreds of photos as many
digital photographers do, and thus they become more selective and aware of their subject matter. I have found a strong correlation between digital photography and Photoshopping, and I don’t understand it in the slightest – I find that the world is beautiful enough exactly as it is, with all of it’s real colors, dirt, and dust. You simply have to be looking at it with the right set of eyes, which is what I continue to try and do.

To see more from Rachel, check out her website.

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