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Niccolò Barone

Niccolò Barone contacted us to share his vast body of work. Niccolò is a photographer based in Italy with several projects and very impressive B&W work. This time we’re sharing his project “Your Fake Name is Good Enough” , which is part of Niccolò’s ongoing “Aphrodite” project. This portion of the project focuses on female regeneration.

I was born in Carpi, in Italy,
I discovered my attraction for art and visual communication at an early age, I thin I was 5 years old.
Since a couple of years, I started my new photographic journey, totally dedicated to analog, that is based on the research of human character and introspective, but also voted to less stylistic and technical experimentation in favor of the continued research for an interpretive and personnel key.

Most of my works focuses on the portrait, human or not, chosen as the channel link between the simplicity of a daily face and the silent communication that conveys an immoble image. The portrait is a place without end, which gave me the opportunity to find new creative solutions, the gym required to challenge the more difficult test, to photograph the soul and, sometimes, its exact opposite.

If you’d like to see more from Niccolò, check out his website.

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