Featured Photographers

Trip Ulvila: America at the Beach

Trip Ulvila is a contributor as well as an editor of Lightradi.us. For this feature, he wanted to share some of his recent work that relates to the great summer past time of going to the beach.

This series wasn’t ever planned. I was just taking photographs of people at the beach while I was there with friends. No matter where the beach was, the majority of people there seemed to be paying little attention to their surroundings. The people looked more like they were sitting at home on the couch, rather than taking a day off at the beach.

Many times people were too busy fooling with their cell phones, iPads, Kindles, and other electronic devices to really take in the atmosphere. This of course worked to my advantage and led to some pretty candid images.

To see more work from Trip, check out his Website.

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