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Alex Burke

We contacted Alex Burke after following his large format landscape photography on Flickr. Alex is a 26 year old photographer living in Greeley, Colorado. His top notch landscape work truly shows the beauty on the state.

Unlike most current landscape photographers, Alex goes hiking with a large format camera. Most landscape photographers have now switched to digital to lose some weight, but Alex sticks it out with his large format film and unmatched technical quality.

Living in Colorado has given me opportunities to explore the beautiful wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains. Photography gave me a reason to hike, travel and see new places. Things really took off once I started shooting large format film, the medium finally delivered the detail and rich tones that I needed to show the grandeur of the landscape. My goal in photographing nature is find places that are far away from the beaten path and haven’t been photographed millions of times. This often requires packing into a destination and spending the night in the wild. I would like to think that these images let viewers feel what I felt when I was at that alpine lake or standing on that sand dune far away from civilization. The other advantage I have with being in Colorado is that I live on the much less photographed plains. It took me years to appreciate the unique landscape right next to me. The interplay between man and nature with agriculture and natural gas industries made a nice contrast to my wilderness images of untouched beauty.

Check out more of Alex’s work at his website.

Check out some more of Alex’s work at his Website.

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