Featured Photographers

John Berner

John Berner is a film photographer out of Seattle, WA where he has been shooting for the last two years. We were really drawn to his work, especially his color street photography. In addition to his unique eye and way of seeing the shadows, John’s color work has the great, saturated, E6 colors that only slide film can provide. John says that he is also experimenting with different cameras, processes, films, and formats, and it really shows in his diverse portfolio.

Going into further depth about his work, John said:

Really I think the way I stay as passionate about my photography is by being able to try so many different things all the time so it always feels new. That said though the bulk of my work has been focused on B&W and E6 35mm and 6×7 street photography in and around Seattle. I’ve always liked looking for interesting people and situations and sort of celebrating their defiance of the norm. I think its important to really showcase the strange and different visuals that are around us because theres so much in our world thats the same and mundane, and just by keeping your eyes up and looking around you can see some really fantastic things. Visually I like deep contrast in order to isolate subjects in space and time which is why I use E6 and pushed B&W as they do that better than anything else. Also I’ve yet to see a color neg film that can match E6 for deep rich colors. I’m probably biased though as most of my favorite photographers (Fred Herzog, Bruce Davidson, Joel Meyerowitz) all worked with a similar color palette in color positive film.

You can see more of John’s eclectic portfolio at www.jberner.com.

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