Featured Photographers

Aldo Altamirano

We contacted Aldo Altamirano to feature some of his night time cityscapes. Aldo used color slide film and long exposures to give this project an otherworldly look. The bright, super saturated colors and fantastic emphasis on the reflecting behavior of water sets this project apart.

When asked about his work and the inspiration behind this series, Aldo said:

As the son of a missionary in South America, I grew up in the
countryside, living in little rural towns, and I remember being
overwhelmed and astonished the first time I came to New York City.

The “City that Never Sleeps” is without doubt, one of my main sources
of inspiration when I do photography. Its people, its cars, its
architecture, its lights, and the vibrant life that fills its streets
are what compel me to carry my camera every day.

You can see more of Aldo’s diverse, ever growing portfolio on his Flickr page.

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